The Filipino-Canadian Christian Society in BC (GIMILAMI) is proud to highlight its logo to members and friends. The logo represents the culmination of five years of joint effort on the part of our members, inspired by Rev. Fr. Lindo Molon, the association’s Founder.


Logos are symbols that represent the essence of a group, organization or people. Our logo can be broken down into different parts, which together, represent the essence of the Filipino-Canadian Christian Society in BC, better known as GIMILAMI. “GIMILAMI” is an acronym from the Visayan vernacular:

GIkan sa MIsa LA MIsa”.

Translated literally, it means “from the table of the Lord to the table of His food”. This ties in with the potluck dinner that is always shared with the association’s members and friends following the celebration of Mass.

  • The overall logo appears as a crown of the Santo Niño and contains the Filipino and Canadian flags.
  • The cross represents the spiritually of the Philippines and the Society’s celeration of the Santacruzan.
  • The globe represents the divine power of the King of Kings.
  • The scepter represents Jesus guiding His people.
  • The crown is adorned with white pearls depicting the Philippines as “The Pearl of the Orient”.

Below the logo is inscribed the Society’s motto in Latin:

“Pax et bonum pro omnibus”

meaning “Peace and goodness for all”.

We acknowledge the ideas and inspiration of Rod C., Luz D., Ted D., and all our members in the creatin of the logo. It took many hours of consultation and hard work to complete. The exceptional talents of Filipino-Canadian artist, Romeo M., enabled us to put our ideas and thoughts together into this beautiful logo which represents us so well to the Filipino-Canadian community and the world.

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