The Filipino-Canadian Christian Society in BC (GIMILAMI) begain in 1984.  A few close friends got together for the offering of mass and prayers to the Santo Niño (Baby Jesus).  This was followed by a potluck super.  They all had fun and felt very good about the experience.  They wanted to share it with their friends.  Rev. Fr. Lindo Molon guided and encouraged them.  They grew in numbers and are growing still.

The group became a registered society – “The Filipino-Canadian Christian Society in BC”, better known as GIMILAMI, an acronym from the Visayan vernacular:

 “GIkan sa MIsa LA MIsa”

meaning:  “From the table of the Lord to the table of His food.

Today, this Filipino association remains an active, close-knit group of families. 
Their goals are:

  • To preserve and enhance the religious traditions of the Filipinos.
  • To provide the opportunity for the Filipino-Canadian youth to observe and participate in the perpetuation of these religious traditions.
  • To encourage Filipino and Filipino-Canadians in the pursuit of religious vocations.
  • To initiate and promote close harmonious relationships among other Filipino society.
  • To promote among general members the love of God in the frequent reception of the sacraments and devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint Lorenzo Ruiz.

GIMILAMI undertakes a year round series of activities, all in the spirit of fun and camaraderie in order to raise funds to support the association’s objectives.  GIMILAMI, through the trust and loyalty of sponsors and benefactors, has a trust fund to financially help seminarians in the Philippines and around the world.  They also contribute to various emergency relief funds internationally.

GIMILAMI invites new members and families willing to embrace its goals and aspirations.

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