22.DecSto. Nino Novena Nights & Fiesta Reminder

Dear Members:
Wishing you all belated blessed Christmastime & an early Happy New Year!
On behalf of the BOD, please be guided, that our annual Sto. Nino Novena devotion this year of 2009, will be starting early & will be @ a different venue then what has been our Gimilami “home” for many, many, many years.
Our Novena starts this coming New Year’s DAY in the evening time @ 7pm sharp. Our Lady of Mercy Parish in Burnaby/New Westminster, has graciously offered their Church for our nightly devotion to our Sto. Nino.

7455 – 10th Avenue
Burnaby, BC
V3N 2S1

MAP: http://maps.google.com/maps?ie=UTF8&q=7455+10th+avenue,+burnaby+bc&ll=49.214626,-122.934008&spn=0.006854,0.013733&z=16&g=7455+10th+avenue,+burnaby+bc

We will be here everynight from Thu. Jan 1-9th.

The Fiesta will be on Sat. Jan 10th @ Scottish Cultural Centre, in Vancouver, as usual.

Also new this year, because of the new nightly Novena venue, space is limited. Therefore, it has been decided that only LIGHT REFRESHMENTS will be served, as no kitchen is available, for heating/warming/cooking of hot dishes. Please coordinate with your Calling Tree Leaders as to menu assignments.

  • Thu. NEW YEARS DAY Jan 1/09: Regis tree
  • Fri. Jan2/09: Antasuda tree
  • Sat. Jan3/09: Torillo tree
  • Sun. Jan4/09: deCastro / Denque / Quan tree
  • Mon. Jan5/09: Gnanasegran tree
  • Tue. Jan6/09: Cabael tree
  • Wed. Jan7/09: Alcordo tree
  • Thu. Jan8/09: Cabilan / Balana tree
  • Fri. Jan9/09: Everybody

The new 2009 Calling Tree has been distributed. Contact your your Calling Tree leader or the Secretaries if you need a copy. 

For the Fiesta itself, the BOD bunoted & the assignments are listed below:

  1. ALCORDO tree: beef/pork
  2. ANTASUDA tree: salads
  3. CABAEL tree: seafood
  4. CABILAN / BALANA tree: lumpia
  5. deCASTRO / DENQUE / QUAN tree: noodles & pasta
  6. GNANASEGRAN tree: beef/pork
  7. REGIS tree: chicken
  8. TORILLO tree: desserts

Should you have any questions, please go ahead & call your Calling Tree Leader, ASAP. (The tickets have already been distributed to the Calling Tree Leaders as well. Please call your leader to ask for your share. The Fiesta is of course, free, however we must keep track of headcount per Fire Marshall regulations.)

See you all on Thursday evening – New Years Day!

Happy New Year too!

BOD 2009

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