26.AprSantacruzan 2008 RESULTS

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to update you on the following regarding our Santacruzan.

Our princesses are as follows:
Reyna Elena & Princess of Peace: Pauline Rivera
Princess of Faith: Shonalee Ancog
Princess of Hope: Angela & Angeli Perez

On behalf of their families, THANK YOU to everyone who supported them in one way or another.
The sponsor tickets will be available for distribution very shortly. All the sponsors will be contacted by either the team captain or the parents to arrange for pick up, drop off, etc.

Members can purchase the tickets at membership price ($12.00). Non-members and friends can purchase tickets for $25.00. This cost is for the dinner, dance and coronation and of course to experience the instant gratification of all our hard work for our seminarians.

For more information, please contact a GIMILAMI Board of Director.

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