Date & Times for the Santacruzan Royal Dance Practices:

  1. Sun. April 13/2008 2-4pm

  2. Sun. April 20/2008 2-4pm

  3. Sun. April 27/2008 2-4pm

  4. Sun. May 4/2008 2-4pm

  5. Sun. May 11/2008 2-4pm – Mother’s Day
    Final dress rehearsal before the Santacruzan!
    At least 1 parent representative please plan to attend this final practice, as we will also be rehearsing the Parents Procession up the red carpet & the stairs to the stage.)

  6. Sat. May17/2008 – SANTACRUZAN!

The instructor will be our very own Natalie Gnanasegran, Reyna Elena & Princess of Peace in 1998. She is an accomplished dancer in many disciplines of dance – Hiphop, Hawaiian/Polynesian and Filipino Folk.

Natalie is an instructor at Dancin’ Stars School of the Performing Arts.  We are very lucky to have her donate her time & also the use of 1 studio @ the dance school. This is Natalie’s 2nd year, at teaching the Royal Dance for our Gimilami Princesses & their escorts.

Dancin’ Stars School of the Performing Arts
7757 Edmonds Street
Burnaby, BC
A Gimilami Board Member will always be present @ the practices, to oversee & supervise.

• Please pack a nutritious bagged lunch for your daughter & the escort, however, cookies & juice will also be provided by the superversing Board Member.

• Please have your children wear non-marking footwear, as we don’t want to leave scuff marks on the studio floors.
• Girls should bring along a flowing skirt (not denim please) to practice in. (it will simulate their ballgown, & they ought to get used to holding the hem @ different times of the dance)
• Parents are encouraged to sit in & watch the practice if you so wish. If you’d like, you can also videotape the practice, if you think it will help your daughter/son practice the steps @ home.
• Parents, please bring a blank audio tape to the first practice, so that Natalie can make copies of the music for you.

For more information, please call Melanie de Castro, your Royal Dance Coordinator.

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